Teresa Frye will be presenting an educational session at the AGS Conclave 2019 conference focusing on the methods, materials and technology involved in current platinum jewelry casting. This is an excellent session to help both bench jewelers and retailers understand the technology behind a quality platinum casting as well as the role design plays in achieving excellent casting results. You will learn so much in this session that will support both bench and retail sales expertise.

Conclave 2019 – American Gemological Society – Seattle, WA
April 8-10, 2019
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More detail on Teresa’s Presentation:
Platinum Jewelry Casting in the 21st Century: Methods, Materials & Technology
April 8, 2019
10:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

Session Description: One of the little known facts about platinum casting is the relatively short span of time that it has been performed with the use of sophisticated machinery in production-type settings. Prior to the early nineties when platinum experienced a renaissance in consumer demand, most platinum was either hand-fabricated or cast using a comparatively crude torch-based manual centrifuge method. Since the platinum renaissance, nearly all manufacturers of platinum jewelry have implemented sophisticated induction melting systems along with platinum-specific crucibles and investment materials. But these off-the-shelf purchases alone are not enough to produce high quality castings. Platinum’s extreme high melting temperature, coupled with a relatively high viscosity level, requires very specific techniques and materials for optimal casting outcomes.

In this session, Teresa Frye, platinum casting expert and owner of TechForm Advanced Casting Technology takes an in-depth look at the specific process and equipment needs for the casting of platinum jewelry alloys. Drawing from her original research and publications in the field of platinum casting, she offers valuable insights into the unique needs of this fascinating king of metals.