Medical Alloys

Medical Alloy Information

Platinum 90% Iridium 10%

This is a great all-around alloy that will not oxidize and has been widely used for years in both casting and fabrication.

As-Cast PropertiesBrilliantPt™ with HIP Properties
Yield Strength:31.7 ksi32.7 ksi
Ultimate Tensile Strength:51.1 ksi51.2 ksi
Reduction of Area:90%87%
Vickers Hardness (HV0.5):110110



  • Symbol: Pt
  • Density: 21.45
  • Melting Temp: 1769 C (3216 F)
  • Appearance: Silvery White
  • Precious & Noble
  • Malleable


  • Corrosion resistant metal that will not oxidize
  • Hypoallergenic metal—there are no documented cases of skin reaction
  • Biocompatible metal—platinum is suitable for implant applications in humans
  • High density metal—platinum is one of the densest elements on earth, exceeded only by osmium and iridium, two other platinum group metals
  • Unique metal—approximately 20% of goods manufactured in the world contain platinum or are produced using platinum due to its unique capabilities in terms of density, corrosion resistance, thermal  conductivity, and catalytic abilities
  • Platinum can be reclaimed from obsolete applications and sold at prevailing market prices for scrap