Join TechForm’s Teresa Frye as she presents at MADE: Makers Across Disciplines Engage. The 47th Annual SNAG Conference is coming up May 23-26, 2018 in Portland, Oregon.

MADE: Makers Across Disciplines Engage focuses on materials, art, design, and interdisciplinary collaboration. While celebrating traditional and innovative techniques alike, SNAG seeks to engage makers and other creative individuals who push the boundaries of our field with a cross-media sensibility. Portland is a city that has a strong sense of community and is home to entrepreneurs and craftspeople alike. In response to this, we invite makers who work across disciplines to explore the unforeseen directions, inventiveness, and ingenuity within the metalsmithing field.

NEW THIS YEAR: SNAG is allowing for admission to specific events or days in the form of a “Lecture Pass” or “One Day Pass”.  No advanced registration is needed and costs are significantly reduced when using a Lecture Pass or One Day Pass. Check the SNAG website for additional scheduling details.

Go Digital or Go Home? Digital technologies have probably had more impact on the art and craft of making jewelry than any other technology since the implementation of investment casting around 5000 years ago. And while there will always be a market for well-implemented traditional tech, CAD and Additive Manufacturing are here to stay and must be considered a solid part of our maker toolbox.

Whether you are already embracing these technologies or are “just curious”, there is a lot more to know about these rapidly evolving technologies.

This year’s Society of North American Goldsmiths (SNAG) conference in Portland offers you the opportunity to learn more about important aspects of these technologies that include a talk by TechForm’s Teresa Frye, “Casting with 3D printed models: Lessons Gleaned from the Aerospace Industry” and a pre-conference workshop by Form 3-D Foundry “Live Scan + 3D Print at FORM”.

More about Teresa’s Session:
Casting with 3D printed models: Lessons Gleaned from the Aerospace Industry
Jewelry manufacturers are steadily incorporating 3D printed casting models into their production processes. This presentation will provide the audience with a deeper understanding of the dynamics at work when casting with 3D printed models by presenting the basic theories behind their material behaviors along with solutions to common problems.

SNAG Annual Conference 2018
May 23-26, 2018
Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront Hotel
1401 SW Naito Parkway
Portland, OR 97201