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Aerospace Industry

Aerospace Casting Services

TechForm has strong roots in the Aerospace Industry. Applications for platinum in the aerospace industry are steadily increasing, and given our strong background in serving this market, TechForm is well-suited to meet the standards required for aerospace casting and production.

Why Platinum?

Platinum’s unique properties make it irreplaceable in a vast number of applications.  For aerospace needs, these desirable properties will typically fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • Corrosion Resistance
  • High Temperature Capability
  • Electrical Conductivty

Platinum 90% Rhodium 10% for Aerospace Castings

This alloy is highly resistant to oxidation at high temperatures and therefore ideal for aircraft engine applications.

 As-Cast PropertiesBrilliantPt™ with HIP Properties
Yield Strength:20.3 ksi20.8 ksi
Ultimate Tensile Strength:47.8 ksi48.2 ksi
Reduction of Area:64%89%
Vickers Hardness (HV0.5):8989

Product Development

TechForm is an experienced co-developer of products, working in tandem with our customers to ensure that cast products are developed as efficiently and effectively as possible.  The prototyping process at TechForm is highly flexible with the use of 3D pattern printing, allowing for simultaneous production of multiple design iterations when desired. Once a final design is determined through prototyping, hard tooling for wax or plastic injection can be produced with minimal risk for the need for downstream modifications.

Additional Aerospace Casting Services