Casting Questions

Q. How do you price platinum parts given the fluctuating market?

A. There are two basic methods for pricing that can be used.  The first method indexes the casting price to the platinum market on the day of shipment.  All fabrication costs remain stable, while the platinum price per gram will fluctuate up and down with the daily market.

The second method involves customer pre-purchase of the assigned amount of metal required to fulfill a purchase contract.  This method provides for fixed cost predictability when ordering platinum components.

Q. What are your typical lead times?

A. Rapid Prototypes can be turned around in as little as 4 days depending upon the post-processing required.  Typical production quantities for components that have already received first article approval range in the 2 to 3-week lead-time.

Q. What type of casting material certification do you provide?

A. Certifications are provided by Master Heat for all shipments.  Assays for cast products can be provided upon request for an additional cost.

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