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Platinum Jewelry Casting Services

Why Choose TechForm for Platinum Jewelry Casting Services

TechForm has been providing high quality platinum jewelry casting services to the jewelry industry for over 20 years. We offer a unique service to jewelers and designers with our use of a special shell casting process developed through long-term experience in the quality intensive medical and aerospace markets. The ceramic shell process is ideal for high temperature alloys in platinum due to its increased strength and temperature resistance when compared with standard jewelry casting investments.

In addition to a sophisticated casting process, TechForm also treats the casting with a special densification process called Hot Isostatic Pressing, commonly referred to as “HIP”. This process eliminates porosity, improves casting consistency and strength, and produces a fully dense jewelry mounting to keep stones secure for a lifetime.

Why Choose Platinum

  • Platinum is the 3rd densest element on the periodic table, only exceeded by two other platinum group metals, osmium, and iridium.
  • Hypoallergenic and will not cause an allergic skin reaction in humans.
  • Extremely durable. Platinum will not wear thin over time as gold alloys are well-known to do.
  • Not in need of rhodium plating to retain its natural whiteness; white gold alloys, which can tarnish and yellow over time, and are often rhodium plated to retain whiteness.
  • The safest metal for stone setting due to its high durability and superb setting characteristics.
  • Extremely rare, and as such is a very sound investment based solely on intrinsic value.

TechForm is the expert in Casting Platinum Group Metals. We are your  trusted partner for the highest quality platinum casting services.