Platinum Casting Pricing

Platinum Casting Pricing

Platinum Castings Pricing

Platinum casting prices are indexed daily to the market. Pattern prices are calculated based on machine time and materials.

We can quote pricing by phone or email based on the gram weight of your wax or pattern. Additionally, pattern printing service can be quoted based on review of your CAD file. You can upload the file here and request a quote for both pattern production and casting services.

Determining your Platinum Casting Weight

The metal weight for a platinum casting is approximately 22 times the wax weight plus a  small allowance for your sprue stub. We are happy to provide a complete quote, including processing, just upload your file OR email us with your pattern or wax weight and we will get right back to you.

If multiple pieces are cast, a single flask fee of $30 is applicable for orders up to 4-6 pieces depending on size. For high-volume and production orders please call for specific pricing.

HIP Pricing  More Information on HIP

HIP Pieces*HIP Price – All Same Order & Same Alloy
20+Call for Quote

*Quantity 1 = Shank, Head, Setting, etc.

Payment Methods

You can set up an account by filling out our credit application and if you are rated favorably by JBT, we can quickly approve you for credit terms. We also accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover Card.