Dimensional Tolerances

Dimensional Tolerances

Dimensional Tolerances in Castings

Dimensional tolerances held on castings will depend on the type of pattern material used.  Typical tolerances in platinum group metals can be expected to fall roughly into the following ranges:

  • Plastic or wax injected patterns from hard tooling:  +/- .002”
  • Rapid Prototype Patterns – thermoplastic-type:   +/- .004”
  • Rapid Prototype Patterns – photopolymer-type:   +/- .005 – .008”

If tolerances exceeding these values are required, post-machining operations can be quoted upon request. Our technicians are happy to assist you with your project. Give us a call.

Note: the above represents average tolerances only; specific geometries may perform differently.

Layout and Sampling

First Article Layout and Sampling Reports can be provided through the use of CMM, Optical Measuring Devices, and Digital Calipers.

Dimensional Tolerances