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TechForm was founded in 1994 by Teresa Frye and the late Dr. Helmut Frye. Originally established to serve the medical industry’s high temperature casting needs, TechForm’s technology was also ideally suited for newly emerging demands for platinum group metals in the early nineties. The unique, high refractory shell casting system that TechForm employs is very versatile and can be customized for the specific needs of many alloy formulas and geometries.

25 years later, our mission remains the same. We continuously strive to push the envelope on technical forming and to be leaders in platinum casting. Early adoption of promising technologies and keeping one eye firmly on the future is in the fabric of who we are. Check out our two decades of published research for proof!

We are your trusted partner for the highest quality platinum casting services.

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Joel Meltzer
Director of Manufacturing
Joel Meltzer is the Director of Manufacturing at TechForm Advanced Casting Technology. Joel studied art in many different forms, from large-scale sculpture to printmaking, but fell in love with jewelry making while living in Tucson, Arizona. He received his BFA with a concentration in metalsmithing from the Oregon College of Art and Craft in 2006. He joined TechForm that same year.  

Joel has experience in every aspect of TechForm’s manufacturing process and currently directs the CAD/CAM department. This involves engineering sprue systems for optimal casting results and keeping abreast of evolving print technology and techniques. With his broad knowledge of jewelry design, technology, and processes, Joel is a unique and valuable resource for streamlining production and solving complex printing and casting challenges. 

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Kevin Mueller
Vice President of Operations
Kevin Mueller is the Vice President of Operations at TechForm Advanced Casting Technology. Kevin joined TechForm in early 1997 as TechForm was transitioning from casting medical instrumentation to specializing in platinum alloys. He has been integral to developing the advanced casting technology that sets TechForm apart in the casting industry.  

While Kevin has worked in every department at TechForm over the past two decades, he currently oversees operations while also leading research into process improvements, engineering for special projects, and providing expertise in casting platinum alloys that is unmatched in the industry. 

Kevin has contributed research to multiple publications as a co-author with TechForm founder Teresa Frye. Topics have included jewelry alloy wear resistance testing, the casting of photo-polymer resins, hot isostatic pressing of platinum alloys, and new research into 3D printing platinum powdered metal. 

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Sarah Loveland
Vice President of Administration
Sarah Loveland is the Vice President of Administration at TechForm Advanced Casting Technology. Sarah was at TechForm’s inception as the daughter of co-founders Teresa and Helmut Frye. She left for college, and to pursue a career in business development and e-Commerce, returning to TechForm in 2014. Over the last decade, she has deepened her involvement in all aspects of sales, administration, and strategy.  
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Teresa Frye
Teresa Frye is the founder of TechForm Advanced Casting Technology. In the early 90s, her firm introduced jewelry manufacturing to the high-temperature casting methods used by the aerospace industry.   

 A leading expert on jewelry casting and a prolific researcher, Teresa has published technical papers and articles worldwide and speaks frequently at industry conferences in the United States and Europe. Her pioneering research on hot isostatic pressing, a novel densification process for platinum alloys, led to a process now being embraced by jewelry manufacturers nationally.   

 Today, TechForm provides platinum castings to a broad national customer base, including many top jewelry brands. Her publications have appeared in Platinum Metals Review, The Santa Fe Symposium on Jewelry Manufacturing Technology, MJSA Journal, and JCK Magazine, among others. She also has presented at the Jewelry Technology Forum in Vicenza, Italy, MJSA Expo New York, IAC New York, JCK Las Vegas, and the annual Santa Fe Symposium.  

 To further the sharing of technical information, in 2008, she founded the Portland Jewelry Symposium, an annual educational conference that specifically serves the needs of manufacturing retailers.