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TechForm has extensive experience working with 3D-printed materials. Since our inception in 1994 we have utilized state-of-the-art technologies in 3D printed casting models, as well as having published several research papers and journal articles on the topic. Recently, a wave of new technologies has come on the market with vastly different outputs and quality levels. We continuously monitor the newest developments in the market and maintain the top technologies for our in-house production of your 3D printing needs.

TechForm’s in-house printing utilizes ProJet™, SolidScape™, and EnvisionTEC™ technologies. These materials yield the best casting results among the many options on the market.

Enviontec 3d printed patterns

How To Send Your Files for 3D Pattern Printing

Upload your native CAD file or an STL version for 3D printing using our secure file upload system.  Pattern quotations can be provided directly from the file if you request.

Secure CAD File Upload

We use a secure file upload system for receiving and managing our customer submitted CAD files. The old way of using email was not able to handle the size and volume of files that we receive. This cloud based system is more secure, responsive and makes it easier to manage all the details related to your printing and casting orders.

Please bookmark this page to upload CAD files in the future:

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

3D printed Patterns