Jewelry Casting Turnaround Times

Platinum Jewelry Casting Service
Platinum Jewelry Castings Service
Platinum Jewelry Casting Service

Jewelry Casting Turnaround Times

We have several options to meet your casting turnaround time needs

The dates below are for CAD files uploaded to us before 11 a.m. Waxes or printed patterns take 1 less day if received by 11 A.M.


6 Business Days (-1 without CAD printing )
Normal with HIP:
7 Business Days (-1 without CAD printing)
4 Working Days (-1 without CAD printing )
Rush with HIP:
5 Working Days* (-1 without CAD printing)
Stainless & Cobalt Chrome:
14 Business Days
(Full Flask. Please Call Re: Partial Flasks & Single Pieces)
3D Printing:
Normally, files received before 11 A.M. can be printed the same evening however, turnaround time depends on the number of jobs in the queue. Please upload your CAD files to our secure portal and request a delivery date if you have timeline concerns. CAD File Upload
Shipping Methods

We are very sensitive to the rising cost of doing business and shipping is only one of these costs that can add up over time. Below are some pointers to help you decide the best and most cost-effective shipping methods to suit your needs:

Sending to us:

  • Delivery options before noon are the only assurance that your wax will go into the process on the same day. FedEx “Standard” Overnight is not guaranteed to arrive in time—use “Priority Overnight” if time is of the essence! UPS Red works too!
  • Quick quotes from FedEx: Shipping Rates & Delivery Times
  • Quick quotes from UPS: Calculate Time & Cost
  • The US Postal Service “Express” is guaranteed to arrive before noon but compare prices as that can be more than FedEx Priority Overnight depending on where you are sending it from.
  • The lowest cost method of sending your waxes and patterns is USPS Priority Mail. The small flat-rate box is currently around $8.45. Use “Click & Ship” to purchase and print shipping labels at your shop. Stock the boxes for free from USPS and your mail carrier will pick up your package. No need to go to the Post Office.

Delivery of your finished casting:

  • Biggest Misconception: FedEx Standard Overnight saves money. There is little difference in price for us to send you a package by Standard versus Priority Overnight. Use Priority if you are already paying for overnight and you will safeguard getting your casting sooner, or specify Standard if Priority arrives before you open.
  • For shipments from TechForm, FedEx 2-Day is at least $10.00 less than overnight. Nice way to save if you are not in a hurry!
  • Ask us to set a “default” shipping method on your account. Our automatic default is Priority Overnight unless you specify otherwise. You can set your default at 2-Day to save on shipping costs, however, if you are in a rush just let us know and we can override the default for special requests.
  • Let us know if you are closed on Mondays and we’ll ship 2-Day on Fridays.