Mold Making

Mold Options for Jewelry

TechForm offers several mold options for jewelry designs.

Standard Vulcanized Rubber 

These molds are a jewelry standard and can only be used with metal masters. They allow for moderate dimensional precision and are injected with wax. We offer a low-shrink and a no-shrink option depending on your needs. Vulcanized rubber molds have a long shelf life.

Room Temperature Vulcanized Silicon 

Vulcanized Silicon mold options for jewelry are the best choice for wax masters. They allow for moderate dimensional precision with a high level of detail reproduction when they are injected with wax. R.T.V. molds have a good shelf life, but are shorter than a standard vulcanized rubber mold, especially on complex designs.

Metal Molds

Metal molds are appropriate for products that require high quantities and increased dimensional precision. This type of mold is typically injected with a polycarbonate or polystyrene plastic that is dimensionally stable and resistant to breakage. The surface finish is superior to rubber and silicone molds. Details come out very crisp due to the high pressure used in injecting metal molds.

Shrinkage Calculation

When creating products from rubber molds it is very important to factor in shrinkage rates. Every design will behave differently based on wall thickness and overall size. Please contact us if you require an evaluation of expected shrinkage rates from CAD file to casting.

Mold making from jewelry casting