Medical Platinum Castings

Medical Platinum Castings


Applications for medical platinum castings are steadily increasing, and given our strong background serving this market TechForm is well-suited to meet the standards required for production.

TechForm has its roots in serving the medical industry.  Our first medical castings were orthopedic implants with later entry into the field of endoscopic instrumentation.  In 2005, after the base metal division of our company was sold, we sharpened our focus to castings produced in platinum group metals.

Why Platinum for Medical Castings?

Platinum’s unique properties make it irreplaceable in a vast number of applications. These desirable properties will typically fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • Density
  • Biocompatibility
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Electrical Conductivity
  • High-Temperature Capability

Platinum 90% Iridium 10% for Medical Castings

This is a great all-around alloy that will not oxidize and has been widely used for years in both casting and fabrication.

As-Cast PropertiesBrilliantPt™ with HIP Properties
Yield Strength:31.7 ksi32.7 ksi
Ultimate Tensile Strength:51.1 ksi51.2 ksi
Reduction of Area:90%87%
Vickers Hardness (HV0.5):110110

Scientific Properties

  • Symbol: Pt
  • Density: 21.45
  • Melting Temp: 1769 C (3216 F)
  • Appearance: Silvery White
  • Precious & Noble
  • Malleable

Practical Properties

  • Corrosion-resistant metal that will not oxidize
  • Hypoallergenic metal—there are no documented cases of skin reaction
  • Biocompatible metal—platinum is suitable for implant applications in humans
  • High-density metal—platinum is one of the densest elements on earth, exceeded only by osmium and iridium, two other platinum group metals
  • Unique metal—approximately 20% of goods manufactured in the world contain platinum or are produced using platinum due to its unique capabilities in terms of density, corrosion resistance, thermal  conductivity, and catalytic abilities
  • Platinum can be reclaimed from obsolete applications and sold at prevailing market prices for scrap

Medical Product Development

We are an experienced co-developer of products, working in tandem with our medical customers to ensure that cast products are developed as efficiently and effectively as possible.  The prototyping process at TechForm is highly flexible with the use of 3D pattern printing, allowing for simultaneous production of multiple design iterations if desired.  Once a final design is determined through prototyping, hard wax or plastic injection tooling can be produced with minimal risk for the need for downstream modifications.

Additional Services

TechForm also offers the following services for castings that may require further processing and certification: