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Platinum Casting Service



Platinum Casting Service



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TechForm is the world leader in platinum casting.

From one-off custom jewelry orders to large-scale production demand, top brands rely on TechForm for superior-quality platinum castings.

TechForm’s utilization of a sophisticated ceramic shell casting process in combination with hot isostatic pressing process yields the excellent castings you need.

Holiday Hours and Order Deadlines

Holiday Closures


Thursday, November 23rd

Friday, November 24th

Christmas & New Year:

Monday, December 25th

Monday, January 1st

Order Submission Deadlines

Our last shipping day to arrive before Christmas will be Thursday, December 21st.

The dates below are for CAD files uploaded to us before 11 a.m. Waxes or printed patterns can arrive one day later by 11 a.m.

Dec 13th Last day for Regular process with HIP
Dec 14th Last day for Regular process, no HIP
Dec 15th Last day for RUSH orders with HIP
Dec 18th  Last day for RUSH orders no HIP

Orders submitted after the deadlines will be scheduled as requested during the week of December 26th through December 29th.


What does Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) do for Platinum Jewelry Castings?

  • Eliminates sub-surface porosity
  • Makes platinum measurably stronger and more ductile due to the increased density
  • Improves the speed and quality of bench operations through denser and more uniform microstructure
  • Provides a more durable product for the consumer
Hot Isostatic Pressing hip
From the Bench

Research backs up what bench jewelers already know!

Platinum is superior in wear resistance and stone setting security. Listen to some of the wisdom coming from the bench as  David Iler, Jo Haemer, Dyke Vandenburgh, and Tim Green share their wisdom from years of working with platinum. Learn More . . .

What our customers say about our Platinum Castings
Teresa Frye Platinum Research
Quality Assurance

TechForm employs multiple layers of Quality Assurance in our platinum casting manufacturing process.  Our quality system documentation incorporates a definitive set of quality assurance methods. Not only do we deliver quality castings, but we also strive to integrate continuous improvements into our process through partnerships with customers, employees, and suppliers.

  • ISO 9001: 2015 compliant Quality Assurance System. This stringent system of process documentation assures consistent and repeatable products.
  • X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) of the metal supply daily to ensure fineness is met.
  • Hot Isostatic Pressing to ensure fully dense castings.
  • Rigorous quality metrics from material suppliers through finishing and final inspection.
ISO 9001: 2015 compliant Quality Assurance System
Platinum Casting News & Events
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