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Press & Publications

Platinum Casting Research

Teresa Frye is the Founder of TechForm Advanced Casting Technology and a leader in platinum casting research. She has published technical papers and articles worldwide and speaks frequently at industry conferences in the United States and Europe.  Her publications have appeared in Platinum Metals Review, The Johnson Matthey Technology Review, The Santa Fe Symposium on Jewelry Manufacturing Technology, The Jewelry Technology Forum, the MJSA Journal, and JCK Magazine, among others.

Teresa Fryé Publications 2005 – Current

Dr. Helmut Fryé Publications 1998-2000

2000  –  Basic Ceramic Considerations for Lost Wax Processing of High Melting Alloys

1999  –  Characterization and Correction of Casting Defects

1998  –  Process Control: Power, Value, and Advancement in the Jewelry Industry


MJSA Publications

Banishing the Blues
Overcoming the challenges of platinum-cobalt
All jewelers have their favorite alloy—the one they love to work in, that responds to their tools as if it were made just for them.
By Shawna Kulpa – MJSA Online

This Piece is a Beast
Casters identify the issues with CAD models that keep them up at night, and offer solutions that won’t give designers nightmares.
By Shawna Kulpa – MJSA Online

Live from Expo 2022
Teresa Fryé on the Latest Research into Platinum and Gold Wear Resistance
Hosted By Andrea Hill

How to Love Your Jewelry Castings
13 Ways Jewelers Can Work with Their Casters. . .from sharing information to keeping it clean to standing, for a moment, in their shoes
By Shawna Kulpa – MJSA Online

Big Shot: Casting Case Studies
The Case of the Platinum Mamba Knife Handle.
By Shawna Kulpa – MJSA Online

All Good Things
As the saying goes, “All good things must come to an end.” It’s certainly a sentiment that now applies to the Santa Fe Symposium.
By Rebecca Oster Bach

Smooth Subcontracting
How to ensure a good relationship with your contract service providers Tell Them What You Want—and Know What to Expect When beginning a project with a subcontractor, you should have a clear idea of what you would like done.
MJSA Online

The Light Side
Case studies in casting lightweight and hollow designs.
By Shannon L. Brown and Tina Wojtkielo Snyder – MJSA Online

Rockin’ Around the Casting Tree
Tips for casting success
By Shawna Kulpa – MJSA Online

Dream Team
Good team communication leads to a casting victory
By Shannon L. Brown – MJSA Online

Casting Perfection
Overcoming technical challenges when casting Zolton David’s African Promise pendant
By Tina Wojtkielo Snyder – MJSA Journal August 2011

Johnson Matthey Technology Review
2015 Vol 59 Issue 3

Johnson Matthey Technology Review
2014 Vol 58 Issue 4

“The 28th Santa Fe Symposium on Jewelry Manufacturing Technology”
Better understanding of lost wax casting of platinum leading to improved casting alloys
Reviewed by Christopher W. Corti