Who is joining us for the 34th and final Santa Fe Symposium?

It is the last in a long history of networking, knowledge and problem solving events. After 34 years, the Santa Fe Symposium is coming to an end.  TechForm is proud to be amoung the long list of supporters and sponsors. Beyond sponsorship, TechForm’s founder, Teresa Frye, has presented her research and shared her papers at 5 past symposiums.  This year will be Teresa’s sixth time presenting at the Santa Fe Symposium.

This is the event that broke through the veil of silence 30 years ago, bringing jewelry professionals together from across the industry and around the world to talk about work, business and the future. For three decades and counting, the Santa Fe Symposium® has pursued innovation all across the jewelry industry: technological, operational and experiential. At the Symposium, the industry’s most inquisitive minds come together to present and discuss research, to share expertise, to connect with other professionals—to learn about what’s happening in every corner of this world-wide industry.

The Santa Fe Symposium® Papers Archive

The anual event may be at its end, but what has been acomplished is still going strong.  On their web site you can still access the library of reserach that has been published over the past 34 years.  Free digital files are avavlible for download.

May 22—25, 2022

Don’t miss Teresa’s  talk on the Wear Resistance of Platinum and Gold Alloys. https://www.santafesymposium.org/speakers2022#/teresa-frye

Read the paper for all the latest research on the Wear of Platinum vs. Gold.


Teresa’s Past Presentations:

Santa Fe Symposium 2017

Mechanical Properties and Wear Resistance of Platinum Jewelry Casting Alloys: A Comparative Study