Are you looking to increase your jewelry sales? One effective way to do so is by upselling to platinum. By educating your customers on the differences between gold, white gold, and platinum, you can upsell to a premium platinum product while providing your customers with jewelry that will last a lifetime.

Choose Platinum for Pure & Durable

Explain that by choosing platinum your customers are making it the perfect choice for long-lasting jewelry that can be passed down for generations.

950 Platinum Ruthenium is comprised entirely of platinum group metals, while 14kT gold is only 58.5% gold. Unlike gold alloys, platinum does not wear away easily and provides a more secure setting for stones.

Choose Platinum because it’s Hypoallergenic & Naturally White

Platinum is hypoallergenic, making it a great option for those with sensitive skin. Let’s not forget the natural white color that perfectly complements diamonds and other gemstones, making them look even more dazzling. Remind your customers that white gold is plated to appear white and will not maintain its color like platinum.

Platinum Facts

  • The 3rd densest element on the periodic table, only exceeded by two other platinum group metals, osmium and iridium
  • Hypoallergenic and will not cause an allergic skin reaction in humans
  • Extremely durable. Platinum will not wear thin over time as gold alloys are well-known to do. (You can read more about platinum wear here)
  • Not in need of rhodium plating to retain its natural whiteness; white gold alloys, which can tarnish and yellow over time, and are often rhodium plated to retain whiteness.
  • The safest metal for stone setting due to its high durability and superb setting characteristics
  • Widely used to clean the air of auto emissions through its unique and powerful capability as a catalyst
  • Used in many successful cancer-fighting drugs
  • Extremely rare, and as such is a very sound investment based solely on intrinsic value.

With TechForm’s castings, you get all the benefits of platinum without the hassle of polishing into porosity or casting defects. We have three alloys for you so you can have the best possible castings. Our castings simply ease bench operations and extend finishing resources where you need them most.

Whether your customer is looking for an engagement ring, wedding band, or statement piece, the best choice is platinum.