TechForm is a proud sponsor of the Annual Portland Jewelry Symposium

If you haven’t been before, PJS is a one-of-a-kind event that brings together custom jewelers, designers, and retailers covering technology, design, industry, and business education. Two full days of knowledge, inspiration, and networking with like-minded peers from across the nation! We had to take a break due to Covid, but 2019 was a great event.

At the 2019  Portland Jewelry Symposium we took a take a deep dive with the theme of Metals.  Sessions covered the many aspects of jewelry metals both on and off the bench, with a host of national experts sharing wisdom on gold, platinum, titanium, and more. We started off the symposium with six unique Sunday Breakout Sessions.  Key Note speaker Zoltan David shared his mastery in combining metals based on their merit in both design aesthetics and functionality as well as practical applications and personal inspirations from his creative process in executing numerous award-winning bespoke pieces.

Stuller presented bench demonstrations with Master Stone Setter Kristi Broussard and Certified Jewelry Manufacturing Instructor Angela Busby.  These bench demonstrations give attendees up close knowledge that they can take directly to their bench.   Kristi will be demonstrated how to apply different finishes to metal using tools and supplies that most artisans have on the bench or are readily available for purchase. While Angela discussed the dos and don’ts of soldering platinum including the proper tools and techniques that prevent contamination. she also shared tips and advice on flowing rose gold solder.

Presentations included Brett Gober’s refining advice, business advice from Mariel Diaz, and legal considerations from Tiffany Stevens the President, CEO & General Counsel of the Jewelers Vigilance CommitteeWith 18 speakers in total, the event covered all aspects of metal in the jewelry industry and was a valuable experience for designers, business owners, and students.

Thank you to everyone who attended the Portland Jewelry Symposium and all of the generous sponsors who made the event happen.

Portland Jewelry Symposium 2019 – Portland, OR
Sept 29th & 30th, 2019

Past Symposium Themes-

2018– Craft Meets Technology: Keeping it Real in a Digital World

2017– Future Think: Innovate, Create, Thrive.

2016– Responsible Sourcing